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Use various function.
4. Operating Web GIS Map -Focus in and out-
(1) Click to focus in, and to focus out.
(2) After choosing to focus in or out, drag the mouse on the area where you want to focus in or out.

5. Operating Web GIS Map -Move the view-
(1) Click to move the view.
(2) Drag the view to the direction to which you want to chenge the view of the map.

6. Operating Web GIS Map -Legend and Layer-
(1) Click to change from Legend (Layer) to Layer (Legend)
Legend (Default)
(2) On the view of "Layer," you can check on or off on the most left colum to show the layer on the map or not. After you chenge to check on or off, it is necessary to click "マップの更新" to refresh the view.

7. Operating Web GIS Map -Others-
Overview windown would be on and off to click this icon.
Whole view of map would be shown to click this icon.