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Restoration Projects are in general defined as the project to focus to "natural environmental restoration " Accoring to the Second Article of Legislation for Natural Restoration, natural restoration is defined as following;

"For the purpose of restore the lost nature, various natural environment such as rivers, wetland, mudland, marine forest, and forest, are conserved, restored, and created under the cooperation of concerned institutions, local authorities, local residences, NPO, and experties."
Currently, we human beings face to various local and global environmental problems. This is due to the destruction of balance between human activities and nature. Especially in the past 100 years, human activities has expanded and vast nature has been exploited under the name of development

Actually, the nature in general has ability to absorb those environmental loading, but the ability is limited to the certain level of loading. Current human activities are obviously over the ability of natural autopurification, and the exceeded loading bacome clearly observed at many aspects in environment.

It may be about time for us human beings to take those message from nature as warning to put too much loading onto enviroment. In fact unexpectable envirnmental incidents became happened all over the world. Not only waiting for nature to autopurifying the human mess, but also we human being has to take active role to restore these environmental condition.

Nature has been contributed for human beging to establish this civilized society, so it is now for us to contribute to nature. Nature restoration would be one of those contribution from human being to nature.

The case of Kushiro Wetland restoration project is a pioneering case of restoration project in Japan.
Nature was the matter which many people can feel almost anytime at the backyard of house. However, under the name of development, we human being has convert natural environment to the civilized and urbanized environment for our civilized activities, then now to have nature become not natural things for many people. Intensified urbanization forces many people to live in concreat forest, and the beautiful and amazing biological link becomes not the things to enjoy outside, but the topics on TV. Nature now is such a special matter.

There is the concept in the natural restoration project that we can temember the old time, and try to get beck nature in our backyard once again.