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Nature restoration in Japan is based on the law callled "Legislation for Natural Restoration" legislated on December, 2002. The purpose of this law is to practice natural restoration from a comprehensive standpoint, to conserve the diversity of biosphere to achieve compatibility of nature and socity, and contribute the conservation of global environment eventually. This law has been enforced since January 1st, 2003.
Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro
In the Earth Summit in 1992 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, "Convention on Biological Diversity" has been decleared with Framework Convention on Climate Change and Agenda 21. "Convention on Biological Diversity" aims to prevent degradation of wildlife, forest, wetland, and so on, and to mange those under the concept of sustainable use. About 190 nations has joined this convention, and each of those nations take responsibility to process its own program to conserve biologial diversity. Under the article 6 of "Convention on Biological Diversity," it is clearly stated for each of nations to establish their own national strategy for conservation of biological diversity.
Setting National Strategy for Convention on Biological Diversity
After the Earh Summit in Rio de Janeiro, vaiouse legislation has been set in terms of environmental conservationa and sustainable development. Following to the movement, National Strategy for convention on biological diversity was set in 1993.
Public Work for Natural Restoration
In the policy speech of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi on May 2001,there was an statement that
"it has to be aimed to achieve the society to co-exist with beautiful environment, and also it has to be surely kept to descendants in 21st century. "

Based on this statement, new type of public work, which aim to restore the natural environment, was proposed on July 2001. In addition, concreat process of natural restoration project as public work was suggested on December 2001.
New National Strategy for Convention on Biological Diversity
New national strategy for biological diversity has been decleared on May 2002. In this strategy, three types of critical environmental issue were stated, and the political direction to solve those issues were also stated as followings; "Enhancement of Conservation," "Restoration of Natural Environment," and "Sustainable Use and Development."
In this statement, natural restoration was decleared as one of the main strategy to the new stage of environmental management.

Based on this new strategy, legislation of natural restoration was enacted on December 2002, adn various natural restoration project, such as Kushiro Wetland restoration project, has begun.