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Kushiro Approach
Kushiro Approach
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Overall Concept
Nature Restoration of Kushiro wetland is treated as the model case of nature restoration. The fundamental process for restoration, starting with setting the core objective, studying the condition, plannning the project, implementing the work, and monitoring the result, are named as "Nature Restoration Kushiro Model" and will be refered for the future restoration project.

The objectives of restoration of Kushiro wetland is to restore the wetland condition of 1980, in which Kushiro wetland was registered under the Ramsar Convention. To achieve the core objective, followings are stated as three main-objectives; "Protection and Conservation of Natural Environment," "Compatibility of restoration and agriculture," and "Contribution to the local society" To fulfill these core and main objectives, there are eight sub-objectives for the restoration projects in terms of procedure of project, framework of organization, and cooperation with local residents and society.