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What is Wetland?
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Restoration Project
Kushiro Approach
Kushiro Approach
Core Objective
Main Objective
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Overall Concept
On the process of restoration projects, following three concepts are clearly stated as main objectives to achieve ideal restoration of natural environment.
Protection and Conservation of Natural Environment
Prior to the restoration project, it is essential to put effort on protection and conservation of current natural environment.

Nature restoration is based on the concept to not build up something new, but assist the natural autopurification. To achieve this, the process has to be carried on not rapidly since there are so much uncertainty and complexity in natural environment, but slowly but steadly. This project would go through such a long time process to see result.
Compatibility of Restoration and Agriculture
Throughout the land reclamation for agriculture for a long time, agricultural activities has been reaches to the edge of wetland. With understanding this fact, it is essential to co-exsit the restoration project on the wetland and the agricultural activities at the edge of wetland.

On right figure, the red line indicates the Kushiro Wetland National Park, and farmland is indicated in green.
Contribution to the Local Society
The restoration project is expected to be the long-time process, and be able to be considered not only to restore the natural environment, but also contribute to the local society throughout this long time project. Concreatly, it can be, for example, improving the local image for sightseeing and local economy to be known as the region to deal with natural restoration.

In addition, it is planed to encourage local residents to be involved into the restoration projects, and develop the new type of public work.