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What is Wetland?
Three Dimension View
Restoration Project
Kushiro Approach
Kushiro Approach
Core Objective
Main Objective
Pirot cases of project
Sub objective
Overall Concept
Nature restoration project is not simple work such as to build something new, but understand the complicated natural characteristics, cooperating with various people and institutions, and assisting to restore the nature itself.
To process these concepts smoothly, following eight points are summrized as fundamental to process projects.

Procedure of Restoration Project
1.Setting the Main Theme to Each Project
For many people to understand what this prohect for easily, a concrete theme would be proposed on each project. Public agreement would be important in addition to scientific judgement to set the theme for the specific project.
2. Scientific Studying and Planning
Since the biological system is uncertain and dificult to conclude simply, scientific studyingwould be required to each of project. The plan of the project would be considered based on the scientific studies with paying attention to possible effect to surrounding environment.
3. Monitoring and Evaluation
Large scale work would not be attempted from the begging, but small scale sample project. The result from the small scale project would be carefully monitored and reviewed for large scale main project in future. If the evaluation would be different from the hypothesis to be expected, the whole project would be revised, and small smaple project with different plan would be processed. This kind of approach to process project is called as "dialogical management"

Framework of Organization
4.Cooperation of Institutions and NPO, and Encouragement of Public Participation
For the smooth implementation of projects, it is important to organaize the framework of institutions clearly. In addition, it is strongly expected throughout the nature restoration to cooperate with NPO, and alos encourage public perticipation in general to have great public agreement.
5. Open and Share the Information to Public
For seeking the great public agreement, various data and information related to the wetland and project would be widely open and shared to public. The establishment of database about the natural environment would be processed under the cooperation of various institutions and experties. In addition, any process of restoration project, from setting the theme to the evaluation of project, would be open via internet and news letter.
6. Environmental Education
Throughout the process of nature restoration, various opportunities of environmental education would be widely offered to attract wider and deeper public attention for the natural environment and nature restoration.

Cooperation with Local Residents and Society
7. Enhancement of Lifestyle
For achieving the beautiful natural environment, it would be encouraged to enhance lifestyle not to put loading into the environment if it is possible not to do so. Proper opportunities such as education and enlightenment would be processed.
8. Cooperation to Create Reputation
Throughout the implementation of nature restoration, it would be assisted to establish the new reputation of the local society. To do so, eco-tour and industries to cooperate with environment would be recomended, and high-quality use of national park and various nature resources would be encouraged.