What is Wetland?
Three Dimension View
Restoration Project
Kushiro Approach
NPO and NGO activities websites in Kushiro Wetland. Please click for detail information.
Specified incorporated nonprofit organization - Kushiro Wetland ‘Yachi no kai’
This is the third year Kushiro Wetland ‘Yachi no kai’ NPO was incorporated.
It cooperation with The Teachers’ Section, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and Ote travel agent field trip program promotion project
This is the only environmental education organization that play the role as a Leading Organization in directing a environmental field trip program in Kushiro Wetland authorized by the governor.
NPO Incorporated organization Trust Sarun Kushiro
Trust Sarun Kushiro was founded by local residents since 1998. It has been a specified incorporated nonprofit organization since July 2000. It has helped conserving the Kushiro Wetland and with the support of members from a variety of people from all over Japan.
Wild Bird Society of Japan
Wild Bird Society of Japan is a natural environmental conservation NGO (non-profit organization) run by the pubic and gathered by bird lovers. It organizes activities that conserve environment for healthy habitat for wild birds. There are 55,000 members (until December 1999). This is an organization where people who love wild birds get together and it also gives suggestions to public enterprise etc. According to its activities, we can say that the most important characteristic of this organization is that it seeks balance of two important aspects that a nature conservation organization should have.